CAM Software

The programme generates all cutting paths automatically so that the user does not need any knowledge of CAM for creating the paths.

specific completion possibilities

  • standardised or individual aligned machining sequences
  • automated election of an optimal machining sequence for each element-type (crowns, bridges...)
  • utilisation of different machining squences on the same blank to optimise the conditioning
  • continous usage of 5-axis-machining-sequences if possible
  • automated quintuplicated machining
  • automated collision-free quintuplicated cutting path
  • automated Collision Avoidance under consideration of the machine kinematics
  • quintuplicated Machine Definition and user-specified postprocessor
  • simulation and visualisation of the cutting paths
  • automated exposition of the cutting paths on respective elements
  • dynamical simulation of the machining

communication with the production machine

  • adjustment and configuration of multiple machines
  • postprocessor-library for the dental-millingcenter
  • develpoment or individual adaption of postprocessors
  • simulation of the machining based on  the machine kinematics